Dry Rubs


I’ve always liked True Value for their variety. It is technically a hardware store, but this is the first place where I discovered liquid smoke when I still didn’t know how to use it. Never found it again though. And that’s what I hate about it. Inconsistency. They will have stuff available one time and never to find it again, ever. Yeah, that sucks especially if you find something you really like. The idea is then to horde items that you find there and think you will end up using a lot of.

A mix of ground spices
A mix of ground spices

My sister was there recently and bought a lot of dry rubs. But damn, even on sale, they are expensive. But since I didn’t pay for them anyway, I think of them as free 🙂 Each was about P300 to P400, with a discount of 30%.

I haven’t tried them yet. But I think they will be quite easy to use on grilled food. I have yet to taste them though. But I feel a bit iffy about the coffee rub. Simply because I don’t know what that would taste like. 🙂


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