Bottarga Pasta Version 2

So after a few posts about pasta, I still have yet to try my version 2 of my bottarga, the pale one, not exposed to the summer sun of the Philippines.

I wasn’t sure how different this would be to the previous one, which reminds me easily of the regular dried fish we have in Manila, except, that you know, it’s fish eggs. But from its outside appearance and texture, this was still quite soft. Not rock hard as the sun dried one (maybe it got too dry too?) So I peeled the sac away and I was surprised the texture of this one. This was like a fine paste of some sort. Reminded me a bit of livewurst (liverspread) in texture. But really beautiful. As I sliced into it, I got more excited.

I tried a simple taste as well, and it was creamier. Salty fish flavor was of course present. But the creamier texture really made a difference. Like a salty pate of some sort.

I made it exactly the same I did this version (without the vegetables) except that I did use the bottarga version 2. This ended up creamier, too. The plating is horrendous by the way, because this was straight from the pan. But this used the pound everything in a mortar and pestle method. But simply delicious.

Pate-like texture of the bottarga
Pate-like texture of the bottarga

Next time, i want to try this uncooked, grated over a pasta dish, maybe with some very light cream. My mouth is already watering at the thought. 🙂 But I will be reserving the more dried one to grate since it is more “grate-able”, while I used the version for softer applications. 🙂

In the pan
In the pan

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