Quick Eats: Ramen Kuroda

With the garlicky broth (care of Chari)
With the garlicky broth (care of Chari)

A sudden lunch out at work brought us here. It is a quick drive away, about a couple of minutes. The restaurant was originally in BF Paranaque,  in Aguirre, a street famous now for its eats. Though that branch is nearer, I have never eaten there before. It was an officemate who pointed this one out that we should try it.

At the Asean II building
At the Asean II building

The menu is very limited. Only three kinds, with a meat upgrade on each of the ramen options. Some gyoza, rice, additional order of eggs, leeks and drinks were the other items that filled up the menu, but it was very limited, to say the least. But the same person from the office said that the selection is limited compared to that of the one in the other branch.

Simple menu
Simple menu

I ordered the kuro ramen, which is an onion and garlic flavored broth. The regular one came with just shoru (as opposed to soyu and shiro I think), and the other one was the spicy. The regular sized one came with just one slice of beef, while the upgraded one came with about 5 pieces.

It looked a bit oily, and the first few bites I found it so, but as soon as I mixed up the noodles, I ended up really liking it. What I thought was a bit bland, was actually quite good in the long run. I didn’t find it overpowering, since it was quite mild. The noodles were also al dente which I love. They were smaller than the usual noodles I have, but there was the bite that I like. But the total combination of flavors of the onion and garlic, along with the perfect noodles. Damn it was good!

My pet peeve was their egg. I am used to eating soft boiled egg like I copied here but there’s was just regular hard boiled egg. It was a downer for me since I really like this kind of egg to a serious degree. It is minor, but I wish they would make theirs more authentic. But the soup, noodles, and meat, it was totally yum. Worth going back for! 🙂

The after shot :)
The after shot 🙂

I tried my friend’s order though, the spicy one. I didn’t find it too spicy. I wanted a bit more spice actually. But mine was just the regular one, so i added a hefty dose of black pepper 🙂 My bad for skipping the pictures again! Super apologies. 🙂

Update: My friend pitied me enough to take pictures of their food when they ate out again. So yay for new pictures!

The spicier order (pic also c/o Chari)
The spicier order (pic also c/o Chari)

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