If you are at all have had some exposure to the Filipino language and culture, you would know that we have a tendency to repeat the names of food, people, and other stuff. Halo-halo (a dessert), sapin-sapin (a layered rice cake), etc. And so this one is part of it.

I was asking around at the office if anyone if familiar with this, and yay, my assistant was. It is pronounced as bayi bayi (short vowel sounds). I asked about it some more, and was intrigued. it sounded so easy to make, and with very few ingredients too. Some people interpreted it as the espasol, which is entirely different, but familiar in taste. (Espasol is made from ground sticky rice that is toasted then cooked with coconut milk). This is one is made from toasted pinipig, ground, then mixed with coconut water and meat.  You can already see the similarities from there.

Powdered stuff
Powdered stuff

So what is pinipig? I have used it in ice cream, in halo-halo, etc. It is our local version of crispy rice, except that it isn’t puffed. It’s actually flattened to little dry oat looking pieces of cereal. It is made from a specific kind of rice as well. Once dried, these are kept for a long time, Before use, it is then toasted to give it a more crispy texture and a better flavor. Then use as you please.

Baye-baye Recipe

125 grams or about a cup of pinipig
meat of 1 whole young coconut
1/4 to 1/2 cup juice of young coconut
sugar, to taste
pinch of salt

Rounds of baye-baye
Rounds of baye-baye

Toast the pinipig in a pan until a bit golden and smelling toasty. Put in a food processor (or blender) and pulse until made into a fine powder. Set aside. Put the coconut meat in the food processor and make it fine as well. Add the minced coconut to the toasted pinipig slowly. Mixing it in bit by bit (it might get too wet). Add in the sugar as well, tasting as you go. Add the pinch of salt. It should be a little bit crumbly, but would form once you put a little pressure on it. Add the coconut water slowly, mixing it thoroughly every time until you are able to form it. Form into logs or balls. Chill 🙂


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