Bottarga Pasta

Now this one is authentic. Sans the interrupting flavors of the vegetables and sun dried tomatoes. I really wanted to enjoy this as simply as I can. And as authentic as it should be, before I experiment with the ingredient bottarga in different ways.

So following the original recipe, I smashed about 5 garlic cloves, and maybe 1/2 to 3/4 an ounce of bottarga in the mortar. I then heated some olive oil in a pan, and added the pounded bottarga paste. I tossed in the pasta, then added calamansi juice to finish it off! Done!

Bottarga pasta
Bottarga pasta

I like this better because of the simplicity. it allows the flavor of the bottarga to shine through without fighting with the sun-dried tomatoes (the most flavorful in the spaghetti with bottarga and vegetable dish). This one is simplicity at its best.

Whats those green things in the dish? Leftover leeks from my sauteed leeks. Used the same pan to make the pasta 🙂

Bottarga Pasta Recipe

1 cup cooked pasta, I used spaghetti
5 garlic cloves, smashed and peeled
1/2 to 3/4 ounce of bottarga, or your preference
olive oil
juice of about 2 calamansi (to taste)

Smash the garlilc and bottarga until it creates a paste. In a pan, put some olive oil. Add the mashed bottarga paste and let the flavors cook, will just take half a minute or so. Add the pasta and toss. Add in a bit of the calamansi juice and toss. You may add some chili flakes if you prefer. 🙂

Update: the bottarga version 2 is still drying. I am leaving it out to dry out a bit more since it is still softer than I want to store in my fridge. 🙂


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