My New Chocolatey Snack: Cacao Nibs

i featured it here before, called it cocoa nibs, which seems to be wrongly labeled. But on my quest to be healthier, and my inability to stop eating chocolate, I decided to include cocoa nibs as party of my regular diet. For the uninformed, this is extremely bitter, crunchy nut, but with the chocolate taste that I love. Essentially, this is like eating 100% dark chocolate, without the sugar and milk.

Office snack
Office snack

To some, eating this might feel like torture, but it is absolutely fine to munch on for me. It gives me the fix that I need, without the sugar, which will make me crave for more. Of course, I know this won’t last and i will still be grabbing some chocolate every now and then. But I hope that this is an alternative snack. I am planning to make some granola bars with cocoa nibs. Let’s see how that goes. 🙂


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