Easy Pork with Leeks

Another quick way to have my vegetables again (this time for breakfast the next day). I bought some leeks the weekend before and was really looking for a way to make it more than just the side vegetable to a dish, like it usually is. I did find some recipes online before, but never really noted it. I still have tons of leeks left, and I will be able to make other dishes from the rest of the leafy greens as well.

Dirty Leeks :)
Dirty Leeks šŸ™‚

So after scouring the fridge, I find that I still have of the pan fried pork tenderloin slices I had the weekend before. I decided to add this to my quick stir fry. So the ingredients were basically the cooked pork, and the sliced leeks. Ā The leeks, I cut the roots off, then washed the whole thing. I cut the green part into about 2 inch pieces, while the white parts, into 1 inch long pieces.

In a hot pan, I added some oil, then put the white part of the leeks and let this cook down. This part takes longer since it is tougher (and sweeter too). Afterwards, I added in the pork, then the softer green part of the leeks. I added chili paste, about 3/4 tablespoon. I added about half a cup of water as well to moisten the whole thing. Cook it down until the water is almost gone. Taste. I added garlic powder and a bit of salt to amp up the flavor. Then that’s done! šŸ˜‰

Cleaned and sliced
Cleaned and sliced

The original serving was planned for one, with me using 100 grams of cooked pork, and about 2 cups of the leeks. But I realized it was too much that I only ended up eating half of the cooked portion. šŸ™‚

Pork with Leeks Recipe

2 leeks, white part cut into 1 inch long pieces, green part into 2 inch pieces
100 grams cooked pork, or about 120 grams of raw cubed/ground pork
chili paste, to taste
salt, to taste
water, or broth
garlic powder

Final dish
Final dish

In a hot pan, place some oil. Add the white part of the leeks and saute until tender. Add the pork (if using raw, cook it down properly, it will be quick over the high heat). Make sure to move it around to ensure everything cooks quickly and equally. Add the green part of the leeks, as well as the chili paste. Add in the water or broth as well and let everything cook down a bit. Taste. Adjust seasoning as needed. You can add a bit of oyster sauce, more chili, more garlic, of whatever you prefer.


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