Bread from Santi’s

I have been trying to make better food choices by buying better food in general. I very much limit my processed food intake (I do buy my canned tuna, canned tomatoes, dry pasta, hard candies and CHOCOLATE), and I can live by making my own food generally. I think that the sausages, gravlax, guanciale, salami, and bottarga are proof of what i can really do. But then, along with some of the food changes I have made, I am now buying better bread.

Multi-grain bread. Worth the P195 for a small loaf
Multi-grain bread. Worth the P195 for a small loaf

I don’t usually like bread. I like paninis and that’s about it. And I read somewhere that if you are trying to lose weight, these things are better made at home. It will discourage you to eat so much of them because it takes so much effort to make them. So I am not sure if it is a great idea to buy bread, even if it is the good kind. But it helps me stay full, instead of snacking on chocolates, which I really can do. And, it also stops me from dumping butter, cheeses, or hams in my bread since I find them to be well-flavored and hearty on its own already.

Last week, I bought a sourdough rye bread (one of my really favorite breads) and a baguette. This week, I bought a multi-grain bread from Santi’s. I wish they have a mixture of two ones that I like, which is sourdough rye multi-grain bread. I would be very happy buying that. Well, the sourdough bread is worth two times a regular loaf (and smaller at that). The multi-grain bread is 3 times the price, and about half of a regular loaf. But they taste so good that’s it is always worth it.

The bad thing is, Santi’s only gets stock based on what’s delivered. So you are never sure if your favorite bread will be there for you when you go. But I have been quite happy for the past few times I have gone. And I will be coming back! Don’t worry 🙂


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