My sister also bought home some prized chocolates, the most expensive of which was the one she didn’t like, was filled with what I realized was an overpowering flavor of rose in the marzipan inside. We generally love nuts. I like marzipan too. But this was cloyingly rosey, which is a flavor not appealing to everyone. I deciphered the flavor by tasting and realized that was what threw us off. But it made me want to make marzipan.

The powder
The powder

I still have some almond meal from an old macaron trial (after which I said I will just buy those damned cookies) sitting in the fridge. I decided I had nothing to lose and just use them to make my own marzipan.

Reading some recipes, i skipped those that had egg whites mixed into it. I settled on one. I followed the directions sparingly, but read through it thoroughly. And instead of the 5 tablespoons of water I was expecting to use I ended up using just two! It is now cooling in the fridge, an ugly lump of ugliness. But it tasted damn fine. 🙂

So will I be making cute cake decors with it? No way. I am gonna slice it off and munch on it. 🙂

My version of rose water
My version of rose water

Marzipan Recipe

150 grams almond meal
100 grams confectioner’s sugar, or regular sugar  whizzed in the blender to make it fine with 1 tablespoon cornstarch,
rose syrup (optional)

Note that you may lessen the sugar to your taste. Combine the almond meal and sugar and mix thoroughly. I just place 1/2 cup of water in a bowl, then added a teaspoon of rose syrup since I didn’t have any rose water. Add a tablespoon at a time to your almond meal mixture, mixing it thoroughly. Once it gets crumbly, stop adding water and check if it will form a dough. If it does, stop at that point. Use to your need 🙂20150409_174218


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