Chicken Pastel, Version 2

Something so basic rarely is cooked in our household. It is after all, a Filipino dish. I am the only one who cooks pastel in the household, and based on my blog, the last time I cooked this was 3 years ago! Wow.

Looks good
Looks good

My recipe is basically the same, except I didn’t bother with the soy sauce and calamani for flavoring. i relied on chicken stock. The vegetables stayed the same except for the addition of dried peas and olives, and for the meat, I added chorizo de bilbao. I am sure this dish is basically the same, but the addition and subtraction of items more of personal taste. I would have added water chestnuts and quail eggs if we had any, but we didn’t.

Usually, the chicken pastel is topped with a pastry crust, like a meat pie of some sort. But we really don’t do that, or at least our family doesn’t. šŸ™‚


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