Finally, the Guanciale is done!

And after basking in the mostly air-conditioned room of mine (yep, it was in my room), the guanciale is finished. To those who have been following me, I have posted the beginnings of the guanciale here and here. Guanciale is cured pork cheek, almost like pancetta, but using a different part of the meat. Pork jowl is easily available here, at a cheaper price too, so I decided to try the guanciale first. Please note that it is officially summer, with my car thermometer reading 34 degrees in the middle of the day. Any curing shall be postponed to end of the year. 😦

My dried jowl
My dried jowl

So finally, I removed it from its rack. It did develop a whitish mold in the middle 3 weeks in, and I wiped that off with some vinegar, and it never grew back. The meat didn’t smell like anything, which is a good sign. And except for the leaking water/fat, it was quite dry. I sliced a piece off and tried it. It was like the salami, but I prefer not to eat this raw. It had more sinew, and the skin is like leather. That might be removed, I guess?

Beautiful meat inside
Beautiful meat inside

But I have read that this makes the best carbonara! Let’s see where I go with this thing 🙂


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