Cheese Chronices # 22 and 23: Frico Old Dutch Master and Red Hot Dutch

I am not a fan of edam cheeses before. I love the fresh and soft kind of cheeses. I love brie, I love kesong puti. I do like my curds too. But on sale in a supermarket that I went to recently, I ended up buying some edam cheeses that I usually just nibble on, and not really eat like I do cottage cheeses. 🙂

Hard cheeses
Hard cheeses

I grabbed some Frico cheeses, all on buy one take. A pair cost about P200. So four pieces of cheese was about P400. Not bad i thought. It took me a couple of days to try them and surprise, I really  like one of them. I would have like both if only the red hot dutch wasn’t too spicy 😛

The old dutch master is an aged hard cheese, an edam, I am assuming. I sliced it into fingers and small bites into each slice made me happy. There were crystallized salt in the cheese which made a great texture. The nice little salty bites was a contrast to the cheese. I never knew I liked that until I felt it. For all I know, that is a sign of bad cheese. Hahaha 🙂

Slices of cheese
Slices of cheese

The red hot dutch is a creamier version. Softer. The type that would melt. But with the spice too much for nibbling, I would like this maybe melted between two slices of bread. 🙂

Knowing that I don’t generally like this cheeses, but finding it really good, I am realizing that tastes do really change in a span of a lifetime. 🙂 I wonder if i will eventually be eating ampalaya ((bitter gourd) which i really dislike up to now.


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