Knife Sharpening

I have had a Japanese santouku knife for a while already and I like it because it is sharp and light to use. When this started becoming dull, I initially tried to learn to sharpen my own knife but felt helpless learning it. I didn’t want to have my knife sharpened at the local place (I only know of Hortaleza, is there any good knife places in Manila?) because they seem to greatly make the knife disappear. Like huge part of the knife eventually is scraped off.I brought out one more knife into kitchen (from our knife collection, hahaha), because I didn’t want to use a dull knife. But surprisingly, the knife from Chicago cutlery began to wear out faster!  I kept the whetstone for a while since I am not sure how to use it properly, until recently. Finally got fed up with my dull knives.

20150322_140351I reviewed on how this was supposed to be done, and just decided to try it once again. My red knife was so dull there was no edge on it when I touched it. In an angle, about 20 degree angle, glide the knife on the rough side of the stone. i did about 10 per side, then switched to the other side. I alternated sides in decreasing number of swipes. For duller knives, I started with 15 to 20 per side. My way of checking if it has been sharpened is to touch my finger at the edge of my knife, scaring my mom. I then used a steel to hone the knife’s edge.

I haven’t used my knife after sharpening it, but the maid said that the knives I sharpened improved. Let’s see how long I last doing this. 🙂 But for now, it will do.


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