Chipotle Pepper in Adobo Sauce

When looking up Mexican American dishes online, I always come across this ingredient, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. I know adobo. That’s our naitonal dish. I can only assume that the peppers are cooked in some sort of adobo sauce. But chipotle peppers, because it is smoked, is something I am not able to replicate at home. So when I saw this can in the supermarket, I grabbed it. It was frigging P150 or $3 for a really small can. But I figured, once I tasted it, I will know somehow how to replicate it.

The can, from mexico
The can, from mexico
Boring brown goo
Boring brown goo

Most of the dishes I looked at that used this was just adding this to some chicken, shredding the meat or eating it whole. It wasn’t really that exciting, so I haven’t finalized yet what I wanted to do with it. I opened the can, peered into the brown goo, and tasted it. Damn, it was spicy. Honestly, it wasn’t reminiscent of any Filipino adobo dish. It was just something hot in a brown sauce. I still haven’t recovered from the heat, and haven’t tasted it again just to see beyond the heat of the ingredient. But now, at least I have an idea on how it can be used. 🙂


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