Adobo for Masterchef Asia!

I know, I know. I join a lot of contests. I really can manage to do all these since I blog anyway. And I don’t mind writing and answering or making entries for these contests. But this one actually involved “cooking” your signature dish. To those that read my blog regularly, you know how haphazard my recipes can get. How my theme for my blog is mostly  covers anything and everything that happens in our kitchen. It doesn’t just focus on travel food (though I want to) or Filipino food. But when I have to come up with a signature dish for Masterchef Asia, it was easy. I decided to make adobo.

Pork adobo :)
Pork adobo 🙂

Why adobo? I said in my video it was one thing that I believe that all Filipinos identify with. It is easy to make too, I think maybe one of the dishes that you would be easily recreating, because it is easy, and because you miss it. Besides, I only have 5 minutes for the video and it included telling my motivation, and my food dream, plus making my signature dish.

So this is a picture of the dish I have made. I have made this white adobo here before. But this time, I fried the rice in the oil from the adobo, and made crunchy garlic flakes as well to top it all of. It was truly delicious. Honestly. Easy and honest. I will let you know if I get the pass the first round of auditions. 😛 here is the link


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