Sun Dried Tomatoes Part 2

Drying the tomatoes
Drying the tomatoes

Because of the tropical weather in the Philippines, tomatoes are bountiful year round. Though prices may adjust by up to half a dollar per kilo, it is still very much manageable, affordable. So when mom ended up buying 32 kilos (yes, I did type 32 there, mind you) since it was only for P10 per kilo in Tarlac (our province north of Manila), which is a quarter of the price it is available now, well, you can imagine the bounty we have. I have posted about buying tons and tons of tomatoes before, and another mention here in sun drying tomatoes here because of the bounty, but never this much actually.

With my last attempt of the sun dried tomatoes years ago, I am not sure what I actually ended up using the tomatoes on. But I remember having cut them into eights and ended up with tomato sticks, too much shriveling and drying happening. For this batch, I asked my mom to just halved them and dry them under the sun for two full days. During the first night, I can already feel the leathery pulp drying. And I can smell the sweetness of the tomatoes coming out 🙂

In oil just a bit of oil
In oil just a bit of oil

I don’t know what else to do with the other tomatoes. Maybe cook them down into sofrito and store them in the fridge, though two of main dishes the past few days were already tomato laden, and very much delicious. When I move to Europe eventually (yep, there are plans), I will surely miss this. Though there will be the new Scandinavian cuisine to discover, I will miss the availability of tropical produce year round. Thank goodness I already do love salmon. 😛 Ah. And now I am already getting wistful. 🙂


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