Mustard Seeds

It’s only March 8, and I am already posting for March 18 🙂 I finally got to open my newly bought mustard seed container. Yay. The rest of my blog posts for the next few days are highly influenced by me watching Rick Stein’s Travel Food Documentary on Youtube. Really loving Youtube right now. 🙂

So this one, i bought because I was watching the India episode where Rick Stein was in the hunt for the best or perfect curry. He came across the fish curry last and was one of his favorites. But one thing that I noted was that a lot of mustard seeds and oils were used during his cooking. It was the first time I saw mustard seeds used in cooking, more than just making mustard. But I was intrigued. I hate mustard, love ground mustard powder. So what will mustard seeds be on my hate-love list?

The one on the right :)
The one on the right 🙂

The seeds went into an authentic curry (but, ironically, the recipe didn’t use mustard seeds, but I did anyway). It was put in hot oil to pop and I was only able to taste the mustard seeds in the final dish. I was surprised to find them so strong in flavor. A very nutty one. The smell initially was fragrant, but something I cannot identify immediately, like cumin or coriander. (Maybe because the oil had cardamom and cinnamon infused into it already). But I did like the taste. The frying I think gave it a dept of flavor that was not usually found in using “raw” mustard seed…

The recipes though, in Rick Stein’s show, used black mustard seeds. I only have white.  I am not sure if it made any difference, but I did enjoy this dish. Not only because of the mustard seed, but mostly the authenticity of it.


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