Century Egg

A simple styrofoam box
A simple styrofoam box

I do take for granted how multicultural the Filipino cuisine is. And it is not simply the introduction of non-native ingredients from other cultures, though that does play a big part, but also the inherent exposure of these ingredients and flavors to my palette. I don’t know anyone else who have uttered the words that recently came out of my mouth, “I am craving century eggs.” In reality, I may have eaten century eggs a maximum of 5 times in my life. But then one day, I craved it. But for those not in the know, what are these?

Century eggs are actually cured in some solution (I actually looked up on how to make it and was advise to cure them in a kind of drain cleaner, but with precaution, obviously) and then allowed to ferment for a few more days out of it. I was kinda turned off by the idea of making it with that kind of liquid but hey, I really wanted it. That weird color of green jelly and grayish yolk goo. Hahaha.

Usually, it is available in supermarkets (an obvious sign of Chinese presence in the country). But with a ban on some Chinese goods after a lot of food production scare, it is hardly available in the mainstream. I have already talked to some friends and asked them to buy for me in Binondo or Ongpin (like Chinatown areas in the Manila). But surprise surprise, a friend found some for me in a more obscure supermarket! So I got a box of 6! Yay!

Yep, a weird colored egg
Yep, a weird colored egg

The box cost P130, not bad, I think. And after peeling one, and seeing the jelly like goo, I was ecstatic. It was as good as I remember. The taste and smell are very different from the regular egg. I would call this an acquired taste, not for the faint-hearted. It smelled weird, to be honest. But weird that I am familiar with. The smell goes up your nose as you eat it too. I am not sure if I am selling this good or bad. 😛 I saw some recipes of making a salad out of it, but it seems to be more of trying to shy from the flavors of it.

But after weeks of searching for this, I was a happy camper. I did love it. And thinking about it now, am already thinking of eating my next egg. I may be weird, but I really want it. 🙂


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