Thai Milk Tea

So in the same expo that I bought the pickled ginger, I bought this Thai Iced Tea Mix. How does thai iced tea compare to other “regular” iced teas  or milk teas? Well, for one, it’s the color. Sadly, the yellowish, orangey hue is just from a dye in the leaves. So that accounts for nothing. But the fragrance is in the tea leaves, and the final product is different too. Very cloying but mild. I have already had my hand in buying galangal and kaffir lime leaves and I haven’t bought again since last year. The usage is very minimal, and it’s not as if I use them regularly enough to finish off a big bag. So instead, I bought this.

A lot of leaves
A lot of leaves

There was only one brand I saw, the popular Pantai brand. The whole bag costs P200, or about $4 and promises to make 227 servings as said on the label, but I really doubt that. With the instruction saying to put in 4 tablespoons of tea leaves per cup, I don’t think I have about 1000 tablespoons in the small bag.

Looks like murky water
Looks like murky water

Anyway, I followed directions and added 24 tablespoons (I was using 6 cups) into boiling water and killed off the heat. After a few minutes, I strained the tea, still following the rules in making tea (only hot water for green tea, boiling for black, only a few minutes for lighter tea and about 5 minutes for stronger flavor). That was a lot of leaves to be strained out. The color too was so dark it looked almost llike cola. But swirling the pitcher, you can see the yellow orange hue of the tea.

Wonderful Iced tea
Wonderful Iced tea

Cooled, sweetend with sugar, added to some ice, and topped with milk, this was really delicious. I just can’t understand how other people took a pic with the milk on top. I can only manage to let it it look unswirled. BUt with the milk at the bottom during my second serving, it actually look picture worthy 🙂


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