Pickled Baby Ginger

I like ginger only when it is grated. I can eat so much of it paired as a dipping sauce for Hainanese chicken. But when it comes to tinola, a local chicken soup made with ginger strips, I hate having to bite into one of those. But grated into the soup, sure. I like the flavor. 🙂

Pickled ginger
Pickled ginger

So when I ran across this ginger stall in the recent Thai Expo in SMX, I was curious. I know I like fresh ginger candy. I like ginger. I like pickles too. But I hate vinegar. And I really dislike the Japanese pickled ginger. So I was mostly curious when I tried it. But a little bite, wow. It reminded me of achara, a local pickle made with unripe papaya that is shredded, which is something I never blogged about. And that spicy kick at the end because of the ginger, it was really good.

I ended up buying a bottle (it was only P100 or about $2) because I know my mom would like it. And she did! It will be easy to make this for sure, just have to find really young ginger to use. 🙂 A new experiment? Yes. :).


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