Quick Eats: Beni’s Falafel, A. Venue, Makati

Taking the pic of where I was parked
Taking the pic from where I was parked

I was working one Friday afternoon and was feeling a bit hungry. I have known of Beni’s falafel for the past few months, knew that it was somewhere near, so I hunted down for it. It was a literally across where I park my car usually, I never noticed. It’s a small nondescript place. Seats about 15 people, in a tight fit. But I have read reviews about their food, their falafel mostly, and I was excited to try it.

Nice server who let me take her picture
Nice server who let me take her picture

I knew what falafel was though I have never tried it. It’s like a vegetarian version of all the middle eastern food I like. A combination of cumin, coriander seeds and leaves, are the signature flavors of each. And the fact that it is made of chickpeas. So I kinda knew what I was getting into.

I ordered half a pita filled with 3 falafels, with the addition of hummus, and a Coke. Topped with cabbage and mixed in with tomatoes, I took a first bite. Nothing brilliant. Not bad. I topped it with the yogurt garlic sauce expecting what’s so-so to become brillliant (the way it does with most med food), and it was just a sad, sad addition. I tried the hot sauce (it was really hot by the way) and it was no different. I missed the garlicky flavor. Maybe I got a sad bottle of the sauce, but it was really just nothing, no flavor added to it.

Without the sauce after my first bite
Without the sauce after my first bite
With the sauce
With the sauce

Thinking that I will finish this dish, having only ordered half, I was surprised to find out I can’t finish it. Maybe the flavors needed to be countered. Or I was not that hungry (but I was kinda hungry!). I ended up eating just enough, but never felt satisfied throughout the meal, and even afterwards. I know that this place has raves. And tourists staying at nearby hotels go here as well to eat. But I was seriously disappointed. I am thinking of trying a different dish just to see if it’s any better. But after that first try, I really am not looking forward to stepping inside that place. 😦

I will try to make my own falafel soon. And I hope it will taste better. 🙂


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