An Easy Tofu Dessert

One morning, I called the magtataho (man selling taho on street) to just buy some taho, without the sago and sugar syrup or arnibal that came along with it. Of course, I know that taho is just soybean curd, and no difference or at least minimal difference from the silken variety sold in the supermarket shelves (price in the supermarket is double though). I was initially buying it for some miso soup I was planning on making, but never did make.

My version of taho
My version of taho

I asked manong tano if he can just scoop the taho into bigger chunks, like about 1/2 inch thick cuts instead of the almost artsy way they slice off layers almost just by skimming. He was asking what I would do with just that, and i did say that it was only for soup. I guess I am the first customer to do that.

But eventually, the weekend went by and I forgot about the taho in the fridge. I knew it might spoil soon so I had to eat it. I wasn’t into cooking stuff after a long day’s work. A quick google on tofu desserts involved a lot of processes. So I did something reminiscent of the taho instead.

I drained off the water in the bowl (the tofu kinda settled more, in a week I think it would be really like the supermarket version of tofu). I added some evaporated milk, then topped it with honey. Ta-dah. I don’t know what to call it. It was almost like eating pudding or milk tea drink with pudding. But it was good. The blandness of the tofu carried the honey flavor perfectly. The milk was, there, but I am not sure if added anything. Maybe a little flavor, instead of opting to go sweeter. But if this turns out be a healthier dessert than taho, this would really be good. 🙂


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