Cheese Chronicles#21: DVF Buffala Mozzarella

Buffala Mozzarella
Buffala Mozzarella

I like cheeses. There was a time I ate so many trying a little bit every now and then, whenever there is anything on sale or new in the supermarket (usually more on sale than new). I do buy at the deli, but these are usually so expensive, that I am happy to wait for my next hotel buffet binge to chomp on the cheeses. But just recently, I grabbed some local cheeses from my favorite carabao’s milk supplier that I decided to continue my cheese chronicle that I have stopped writing about more than a year ago. It’s not that I am not eating cheese. Hardly. Just that I am not seeking it out as I used to. 🙂

But with my two new cheeses, well here I am again. 🙂

Cheesy rubber
Cheesy rubber

So I bought this thinking it will be very much like the mozzarella that I am used to eating, but way more creamier. I wanted that springy layers of mozzarella with the richness of the milk, richer than cow’s milk. So before my dinner one time, I opened it, tore into it, and was really disappointed. It was so bland. I had to check the label if it contained salt, because I couldn’t taste it in there. The texture was unusual, but it was stringing on its layers so I was okay with that. But the blandness, it was frustrating. I almost asked for a bowl of salt to dip it in, just to make it better, but I refrained.

Layers and layers
Layers and layers

After dinner, I tried it again, and it now seemed better. I am not sure if it was because I was eating the inner layers or my expectations have been managed already that I didn’t mind the just plain milky taste it had. I do love milk as well, so I do like the taste of milk on its own. But just a tad bland for my taste.

I do wanna try eating this melted on a homemade plain pizza. If it will live up to the mozzarella goodness. Will have a post on that soon 🙂


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