Quick Eats: La Nuova Pasteleria, Forbes Park, Makati

A  few years ago, this restaurant opened in Alabang, and I was only to buy one thing from it, the chocolate concorde cake, before it closed down. I didn’t even know that there was a branch in Makati as well, which may have been there way longer. I love concorde cake. The fingers of meringue on the sides and top, and the light chocolate mousse in the middle. I hate concorde cakes that fake it out by only having a sponge cake in the middle. But hey, this is not only about concorde cakes. 🙂

I have actually eaten here before with friends but never posted anything about it because I only had cake and I feel that was unfair judgement. I mean the cake was good, though I don’t remember what it was. Hahaha. but the truffle lpasta smelled wonderful too, that’s what my friend ordered.

Mom's sandwich
Mom’s sandwich

So now, I was really going to eat here. Mom ordered a chicken sandwich which actually looked a little bit sad for me. I ordered mushroom risotto. I am not a fan of risotto, but I was craving for some of it when we ate. The food was simple, or at least my risotto was. I was a bit annoyed that it had only canned button mushrooms, not even fresh ones. But the shavings of cheese on top made up for it. I was happily full halfway through, and I was happy to not finish it because I wanted some dessert, my concorde cake, only a slice of it.

My risotto
My risotto

That thing is really pure heaven. I wish though that the meringue was harder, chewier, and the mousse more dense and less airy. But it was good nonetheless. I only ate half of it as well. For a small meal like that, it was a bit expensive. I paid about P1200. But the ambiance, the options, were worth it all the same. I wish there are more restaurants like this serving upscale food. 🙂

My cake!
My cake!

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