Desserts On Us: Lacey’s

Desserts on Us
Desserts on Us

My sister has mentioned something like this before. I tried emulating it with recipes found on the internet but never found anything this good. I remember trying some at my friend’s house, a gift from someone, exactly like this and it was also so good. But with this big container on the dining table, I couldn’t help but grab one every now and then, especially when I am home the whole day during the weekends.


I wish somebody would bring this in to Manila. Or maybe not. I’ll get fatter having this available in the supermarket or specialty stores. 😛 This was a gift from my sister’s friend who came from the US, happily lugging it around home here. But damn it was really good.


One thought on “Desserts On Us: Lacey’s

  1. Costco should stock this popular product, item number 22763 year round not just from time to time
    Everybody we know snap it up when available
    Terry Wherlock

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