(Failed) Homemade Butter

I have two of these :)
I have two of these 🙂
I whipped two cups
I whipped two cups

I am not sure how i ran across these websites of making butter but they all appeared so easy. “Appeared.” I had to wait until I found a buy one take one cream, either cooking or whipping, so I can try and soon enough, got my hands on some cream. In our blender, I whipped and whipped and whipped. The funny thing about whipped cream is that once it’s whipped, it has the tendency to stay whipped atop of the blades. I kept pushing down the cream to no avail. FRUSTRATING. I finally gave up after a few minutes because I can feel the blender heating up and the cream not breaking up (as it should). Should I have used a mixer instead? I still have a litter of cream left so I can do another exercise.

It stayed like that, whipped cream
It stayed like that, whipped cream

PS. After my failed cured garlic, and my failed butter soon after, it is a wonder i still continue these experiments. But you never know when it will be successful. 🙂


2 thoughts on “(Failed) Homemade Butter

  1. Is it because that particular cream has more stabilizers? I’ve tried an “industrial”/catering brand before that stiffened and whipped with the slightest hand-whisking and it stayed whipped for hours. Try the Elle & Vire one. That, my noob self actually made butter by accident due to overwhipping. -_-

    1. I am unsure, actually. Hence I took a picture of the cream itself. I might try maybe using my mixer instead of my blender for a second try 🙂 And thanks for the Elle and Vire heads up! 🙂

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