Remember by Fermented/Cured Garlic?

Remember this? Supposedly, this was going to be a lighter version of fresh garlic. So after a week in room temperature and about a few days in the fridge (and I knew I was going to stay home), I decided to try it.

Looks cured
Looks cured

I almost died eating it. It was as spicy as any fresh garlic, and as deadly in scent and strength. This was too strong to be eaten in its raw form. I am a garlic fan. I love it stewed and sweet, fried and crunchy, and even raw but minced in sauces or dips. But damn it. This was really strong. I instructed it be treated as fresh garlic cuz it was just like that. Damn. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I won’t be popping these in my mouth, at all.


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