Quick Eats: Alba’s Restaurante, Westgate, Alabang

It has been a couple of days that I have been wanting to eat here. I love spanish food tapas. I love that salty meat spread along with its cheeses, olives, crackers and what else is there on that appetizer area. And I knew that I was going to be eating from that area mostly during this meal. This is a buffer after all.

With my soup
With my soup

I easily dragged my mom to this place on a lazy lunch. There, on the spread, was my salami and pepperoni, cured fish in some acid. Then more chorizos on the side, along with garlic mushrooms. There were also crackers for the pates and salsas. Then on the other table were food that would be usually fiesta fare for the commonfolk (referring to the olden days, I mean). There were your conchinillo or roasted pig which was already chopped, paella,callos (made of ox tripe) and lengua. Looking at Spanish food, you would realize how meat heavy it is and how FIlipinos learned to serve a mostly meat meal. The only vegetables on display were a tray of steamed vegetables, and salad cups in the appetizer area.

Dessert of canonigo
Dessert of canonigo

I already knew I was going to enjoy myself. I won’t be gorging on the food, but I would be having a quality meal that would be worth the price. And I did! Except for the missing spanish cheeses, i was a happy camper. I would love to recreate the sardine pate they offered though, and I think it would be easy. The paella was really good though, it made my paella look sad in flavor when compared. Their broth was mostly seafood, and it shone through the flavors. But my picture of it was blurry, so nada.

Paying P700 was fine enough for me. I seriously did love it, and would like to go back, when I am missing those salty cured meats again. 🙂 Side note, there was a leaflet of a menu on the table telling the story of Don Alba. And it was a story success, disappointment, and another success. Glad that it ended that way. 🙂


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