Pickling Spice Mix

I do have to reiterate that I am on a curing, fermenting, brining binge. But I didn’t know I needed a pickling spice for my next batch of experiments in the kitchen. What used to be my first “meat” experiment of cured salmon has now become so common that doing it is not anymore for the curious, but mostly for wanting to eat it. As well as making our everyday longganisa. I need to amp up my kitchen experiments to feel excited over it again.

Bay leaves, peppercorn, coriander and chili flakes
Bay leaves bought locally, peppercorn from Cambodia, local coriander and chili flakes from either the US or Bicol Province

But I have a new one in mind, and I needed to assemble these before I can try to make some of the goodies. The pickling spice is a mix of lot of things: aside from those in the picture, there are all spice (i used ground since I didn’t have the berries), cloves (ground as well, I could have bought but I rarely use it) and mustard (I used ground seeds). But the flavors are surprisingly nice. I really don’t like having a sweetish mix of the cloves and all spice in my food, but as a pickling spice, it really is a nice blend. Thwarts off the strength of the other spices and blends nicely.

And the cinnamon sticks from Indonesia
And the cinnamon sticks from Indonesia

Yeah yeah. I could have bought these instead of making some. But in the same way that I am unable to get my hands on instacure#2 (I will have to have my cousin ship it somehow to me), the pickling spice mix is not readily available for sale here. Frustrating. Yep. Luckily, I have most things on hand to make some of it. 🙂


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