Update! Homemade Fish Sauce

I know I know. I got into this not knowing how long it will actually take to ferment these things. Some said days, some said months. So I am literally seeing (and smelling) it every few days to judge if it is good to go. I want the fish to actually disintegrate so much that I cannot see the fish heads in there anymore. But having moved it to the fridge after a week, this may take some manual labor and a longer time.

Kinda looks the same
Kinda looks the same
Not after I mush it up!
Not after I mush it up!

Though i can say that it smells, it’s not the worse thing thing that I have smelled. Or maybe because it is such in a small quantity, and sealed, that i can tolerate the smell that comes out of it. They say that this in its own is already good, and that cooking it a bit will kill all the good stuff in there. But seeing the weeks old raw fish in there, the thought of tasting it raw is making me gag already. So I will definitely cook this first before even trying it out.

I will give it at least a month of fermentation. And then, maybe we can try a bit. 🙂


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