Fermented Garlic

I know, I know. I have been curing, brining, fermenting and then some and some recently and it is quite an obsession. I have been reading up so much on fermenting and the additional flavors they give. All these curing and fermenting actually started from having to preserve food without refrigeration, and the flavors that developed were surprisingly good. I do like a handful of fermented foods like tempeh, yogurt, our local buro, and aged cheese. But there are fermented food that I really don’t like, like kimchi, even raw vinegar (but of course I do cook with that. 🙂

Peeled garlic, three heads
Peeled garlic, three heads

I still don’t have access to nitrates so I am unable to cure raw meat for raw eating yet, but I have my eye on that. So instead, I started with one of my favorite aromatics to ferment, or cure, or brine. They all are kinda the same 🙂

In the bottle, with my kampot peppers
In the bottle, with my kampot peppers
Weighed down with a plastic of water :)
Weighed down with a plastic of water 🙂

Garlic is something I love eating, fried, whole in soups, and the like, but never raw whole. This supposedly makes it easier to eat them raw, lightens up the strong flavor. It can be used to cook with (discouraged) but best eaten minced or as is. Will I be able to handle that? I will update you in a week or so what has happened to this. And while I do have my fermenting fish sauce in the fridge, and this will be joining that soon, I still want to start on other fermenting/curing recipes soon 🙂

Fermented Garlic Recipes

3 whole garlic heads, peeled
1/2 to 1 teaspoon salt
1 cup water
lemon zest, optional

Mix all ingredients together in a glass container and seal off, but open every now and then to release the gasses being released by the fermentation. Cover the bottle in cloth, keep it dark, as advised by the  many recipe site, but I am not sure why. Refrigerate after 7 days in room temperature. Ready to eat. 🙂


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