Quick Eats: Cue, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

We love our meats but then there is a time you just can’t finish it anymore, and you kinda give up. And this is one of those times. First time at Cue, which is from the name, a barbecue place. To make decision making easier, we decided to order a sampler of some sort. It was made of beef belly, corned beef slab, half a slab of homemade bacon, as well as half a rack of baby back ribs. The order came with two sides, which we ordered mashed potato and onion rings. The order was supposedly good for three, but with our addition of appetizer of buffalo wings, maybe we became too full (well, it was just one wing per person, so maybe not).

Popcorn appetizer
Popcorn appetizer

Anyway, as I said, it was one of those times I was looking for more vegetables or rice to eat with our meats. The meats were salty meaning strong flavored, not badly seasoned, all of them, that after a while, my mouth was looking for something to break the continuous meat and barbecue flavors. But one of my favorites from the night, besides the usual bacon slab which I really love now, is the beef belly with its mustard topping. It would have been great with rice, but we didn’t order any. Next time, I’ll order that with rice. 🙂

Buffalo wings
Buffalo wings

Ara felt that the meats were too dry. Although I think that was maybe because these were not the saucy types of barbecue with oodles of sticky sauces, which I really dislike anyway, especially since they are usually too sweet sour for my taste. I actually like this better.

Our grub
Our grub

With the wings and a round of beer for Sushee, our bill totalled to 2500, which is surprisingly a lot. But I knew that with the meats, it would come out expensive. But it made me miss Mamou. Seriously.


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