Fried Anchovies (Tortang Dilis)

My mom bought some fresh anhovies from the vendor who passes by our house in the morning. I know, I know, not the most sanitary of all things, but we have gotten good enough seafood from them, and nobody has reacted badly to any of it. 🙂

So there were the small little fishy with its big eyes staring at me. I was wondering how they were going to be prepared, and mom said torta. Torta means a lot of things in the local language, dispersed the Spanish words and influences. In this case, it means a mix of something fried. 🙂

Small anchovies in their plastic bag
Small anchovies in their plastic bag

So the anchovies were cleaned off their innards, which is done in a quick pinch, then washed off. Then they were drained. With a simple seasoning of salt and pepper, and a batter of flour and water (I am not sure if there is an egg somewhere there, maybe not), the fish were added and fried into little patties of goodness.

It looks kinda cool especially when you see the little heads or tail jutting out of the mix. And it really tasted good too. Simple, eat everything kind of fish, heads, bone and tails).

Fried fish
Fried fish

I am really curious if I can make the salted anchovy that I buy regularly from the supermarket. i have researched on this a bit and it seemed that the only trouble was actually doing it. It was to be packed in salt and that was it. No different from how I cured salmon, or bacon or whatever. I will try that soon. 🙂


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