A Failed (But Delicious) Rabri


Ever since I became good friends with an Indian classmate in high school, I have been curious of their cuisine. More than just the curries and the biryani and the butter chicken which I all love by the way, I love their desserts. First thing I fell in love with was with this coconut thing that had rose syrup. Then more forays into rose syrup. The more of experimenting with milk such gulab jamun and yogurt based foods. And now, rabri.


I have had rabri before, and it is generally sweetened evaporated milk with nuts. I love it. The smell of cardamom and rose essence only heightened this flavors and my wanting for it. Of course some people are not really into it. My family, for that matter, does not really appreciate the desserts, though they do like the food. 🙂 I decided to make a one serving of rabri using a cup of already evaporated milk. It was easier since I really didn’t want to spend hours in front of the stove reducing the milk quantity into a quarter of what it needs to be. So I got a cup of evaporated milk, added cardamom pods and a bit of nutmeg, reduced it to half, added sugar to taste (and a bit of salt). I also added rose syrup (so I used the sugar sparingly), then the nuts.

Cooke dRabri
Cooked Rabri

Then my milk started to burn or thicken up madly. I am guessing it was burning because it started to thicken like crazy and look like cooked caramel. I was sorta panicking because this was far from the creamy milk dessert I know. But not so bad since it still tasted delicious, but now looks like the looser local version of milk candy (yema) but with nuts and other flavorings. It actually tasted fabulous. 🙂

So there, it failed. But it was really good, surprisingly. I still want to explore more of milky desserts simply because I like milk 🙂


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