White Chocolate on Tongue Biscuits

Blue box
Blue box
Individually wrapped
Individually wrapped

This is perhaps quite a long translation but am basing it from the spanish wordings on the packaging. This was a gift from an officemate who came from a trip from Japan. And on the label, it said chocolate blanc (or something) on lengua. Hahaha. Yep. Literal translation.

See how light it looks
See how light it looks

I actually thought it was just chocolate at first, in a box no less. But upon opening, these were packaged in bundles of threes, each individually wrapped. And as we opened it, it was a very delicate cookie filled with white chocolate. It was as delicious as it was beautiful. Usually, white chocolate is very sweet for me. But this one, paired with the very light cookies, was exceptional. Of course I have no idea how or where I will get this again if I plan to, but it was worthy of a try. 🙂


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