Apologies on the delayed posts. 🙂 I have been quite busy at work and tired most evenings including this weekend that I would rather sleep than stay in front of the computer. It is Saturday afternoon and I just woke up from sleep. It is fabulous but sounds lazy really. It doesn’t help to be currently in an LDR that wakes me up around midnight. Haha. But hey, at least I am writing again now.

I have been thinking about getting into charcuterie ever since I started curing my own salmon. To my frustration though, I am still the only person who eats the lox (cured salmon) at home. Not so bad since it is a very expensive  thing, but of course the delight of eating it disappears when I am the only one who eats it. Oh well.

My new charcuterie book :)
My new charcuterie book 🙂

Anyway, in my curiosity, I decided to read up on it by buying this book. I had a couple to choose from though one was limited so sausages. But this one seemed easy and honest enough. The thing is, the  most prized recipes I want to make involves getting instacure 2, which is not available here in the country. I am not sure if bringing it in is illegal, and I really don’t want to sacrifice the safety of my traveling friends. I will have to do more research about instacure 2, but I have been able to get my hands on instacure 1 😛 And am currently curing/brining a slab of pork belly in the fridge for bacon 🙂


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