Quick Eats; Todd English, SM Aura

This place has been open a while but I haven’t stepped here since I haven’t really been eating out much except when my friends and I decide to meet up. It was Friday night and surprisingly, everyone was a bit early, with all of us in the  mall by 6ish. No time was called for the dinner so we just happened to be around there all at the same time, except for one.

MY bacon
MY bacon
The Crabonara
The Crabonara

Majority voted for Todd English and I was happy to be able to try this new place. I wasn’t sure what the food will be, but it already sounded sophisticated as it is. We ended up getting two orders of porkchops, home cured bacon, crabonara (carbonara with crab), a risotto, and rigatoni bolognese. It was a good priced meal (meaning expensive, but worth it), with each of us paying more or less about P750 to 1000. And to be honest, everything we ordered tasted great. Great that I would be going back there again sometime soon just to be able to try the other dishes available. But damn all of that goodness. I want to eat everything we were able to try that time.


On a side note, I discovered that my crab allergy, which I though disappeared or subsided in my 20s has come back full force. I used to get hives from eating crab. But I don’t anymore. I get a severely upset stomach with all the imagined acoutrements.. 😦 And what I thought was I have been eating bad crab. I was just eating crab, apparently.


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