Yang Zhou Fried Rice (or Yang Chow) :P

Yang Zhou Fried Rice
Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Finally, this is about as close as it can get, with minimal substitutions, and with the addition of learned techniques. With minimal substitutions meaning I used shrimp, peas, onion leeks and carrots, as the real authentic ones call for. But instead of using Chinese braised pork, I used some leftover ham for our New Year’s midnight meal, which is almost the same sweetish savory flavor.

I still followed the same techniques I learned from watching too many cooking shows. First, Ieared the rice by mixing it by hand to loosen it up, and then adding the three raw eggs directly into the rice. This prevents the rice from getting oily, and allows a fluffy fried rice texture once the egg coating the rice is cooked. I also seasoned the rice with a bit of soysauce while mixing the egg in.

I prepared all the vegetables too, And stir fried them in a wok one by one. Why one by one? Because I want the individual flavors to stand out in the rice. I really hate stir-fried dishes that taste one flavor because the “sauce” of the carrot steams the broccoli which in then steams the beans, etc. So these are individually sauteed then set aside until time to cook together for the final mix. Essentially, a fried rice is a stir fry 🙂


First, I cooked the vegetables. Then the ham, sausage, then the shrimp, still separately. But the shrimp remained in the pan and I added everything back in, Including the rice, and quickly mixed everything over high heat. I ended up adding more soy sauce than I thought the dish needed, but the flavors needed to be present. And yes, more on soy sauce than salt, after all, this is a Chinese dish.

After cooking and tasting repeatedly, It was finally perfect. With the many protein in the dish, this does not call for another dish to be eaten with, it was a complete meal with veggies, carbs and protein. Easy way to make use of leftover stuff in the fridge and completely make something new.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice Recipe

16 pieces of cooked shrimp, shelled
4 links of Chinese sausage, sliced
1/2 cup ham, diced
1/2 cup cooked dry peas
1/2 carrot minced
3 onion leeks, sliced, separating white from green part
1 onion, minced
5 cloves garlic, minced
5 cups cooked rice
3 eggs
soy sauce, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste


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