Leftover Spaghetti

We still had a handful of the baked shrimp in the fridge all covered in cheese that was not consumed after being heated and a container full of steamed shrimp too. I decided to make use of these leftovers for a quick lunch. I had some noodles cooked and set aside. I shelled all of the baked shrimp (about 6 pieces) and maybe 5 more pieces of the steamed shrimp, and roughly chopped it. Then I chopped some garlic, and diced about 7 tomatoes. And I was ready to cook.

In a wok, I put some olive oil and put the garlic. Once it was good and fragrant, I added the shrimp and mixed it, as the cheese slowly melted making it creamy. I added the tomatoes, then a lot of chili flakes, because we like it mildly spicy. I then added the noodles and mixed it, adjusting the salt seasoning every now and then. It was still lacking a bit of punch and I was going through the fridge and found some green olives, which was apt. I needed the hint of sourness to cut the creaminess and richness of the shrimp.

I added the whole bottle (it was half of a small bottle) after roughly chopping it, and it was finally perfect. Placed in plate, and it was given good feedback by my older sister but it was really good for me too. 🙂

The quick toss of fresh tomatoes, rather than peeling and cooking them down, gives a more refreshing flavor, and not so heavy too. But the idea is to use the really firm but ripe red tomatoes, not the orangey ones we usually have. And with a little salt and olive oil, tomatoes always tastes good. 🙂 And it hardly looks like leftovers, doesn’t it? 🙂

Yummy And h

Leftover Spaghetti Recipe

olive oil, for sauteing
5 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
10 pieces of shrimp, or how many you have on hand, chopped
6 to 8 tomatoes, diced
10 pieces green olives, roughly chopped
about 4 to 5 cups of cooked pasta
chili flakes, to taste
salt and pepper


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