Cashew Brittle

Cashew Brittle
Cashew Brittle

Peanut brittle is way more common in the Philippines, with the abundance of peanuts everywhere. And it comes in different forms that you can choose to your liking. We were looking for the Romana’s Peanut brittle when instead, we spied some cashew brittle. It is made by the same group that makes a famous peanut brittle (a different one), and also the famous ube, the Good Sheperd group. I have known of this brand since I was little and we would bring home some of these when coming home from Baguio. 🙂


But I love cashew more than peanut brittle and it came to me as a surprise that that this is actually available. The one thing that made it a killer was the price. P350 for the small container, which is more expensive than the big container which was double the size, of peanut brittle. But hey,cashew is more expensive, and it is more delicious too. So we grabbed one immediately.

Upon trying it, it did not disappoint. And I am  happily munching on it before I started blogging about this. Of course the caloric content of this is my worst nightmare with the nuts covered in sugar and butter. But a little piece of heaven is manageable every now and then 🙂


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