Happy New Year! :)

One day late but a happy new year to everyone! May we all have a great 2015 as we close 2014 🙂

Selecta  (or Wall's)
Selecta (or Wall’s)

My sister invited us to eat out for lunch on New Year’s Eve. And with nothing much to stop us (we literally have nothing planned), we decided to go with them.

The tossed arugula
The tossed arugula
The Jollibee appetizer
The Jollibee appetizer

I have had eaten before here, in Magnum Cafe in SM Aura, as linked from this blog.  The thing was, we were brought there on invitation by the same company who owns the restaurant. Of course, that’s always a gray area, since we were expected, and that kind of thing. So this time, bearing none of our “power” over the restaurant, I will get a good idea of the real food quality and the like.

Mom's steak
Mom’s steak, loved the potatoes though 🙂

We ordered the rib eye steak for mom, umami burger for me, arugula salad for my sister, cajun chicken poppers for everyone around the table, jerk chicken pasta for brother in law. And extra rice for the little Maven. The orders were quickly served. The appetizers of salad and chicken were served first, followed by all the other plates quickly enough.

Umami burger
Umami burger
Red velvet
Red velvet

The salad was okay. Reminiscent of any roka salata everywhere, but on a lesser degree. The chicken appetizers tasted so much of Jollibee chicken that after my sister said that, I cannot get the image of the restaurant buying chicken from the fast food and just coating it in the sweet sauce. But yeah. Everything else was okay though, and funnily enough, my review is the same. Nothing exceptional except maybe for the good and generous dessert they have. The thing was, we were a bit on restriction and ended up sharing just a couple of desserts. , which were good. But everything else, the savory dishes, were all not memorable really.



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