Grilled Milkfish Fillet

Milkfish is one of the many staples of food in Manila and I like it waaaay better than tilapia (which I find tasteless) or sole fillet (which I find to be mushy and too soft). We had some filleted, usually for daing, but I decided to grill this (still on that healthy track I am trying to get myself into). Seasoned with calamansi, salt and pepper, the fish was once again folded over to itself, and then oiled. I placed it on a hot cast iron pan and covered it, and put the flame on medium. After about 20 minutes, I flipped the fish over (thanking God for it not sticking and destroying the whole thing) and did the same for the other side. While pan grilling, I also added some sliced tomatoes and onions and grilled them on the side 🙂

Grilled fish
Grilled fish

And simply fabulous, this dish turned out to be. I really like the simplicity of some dishes that I make, though some elaborate ones also make me happy. But eating this reminds me of being at the beach. And that is a wonderful reminder 🙂


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