Shrimp Tomato Chowder

I was gonna say that this is a bisque, but having barely put dairy in it, and keeping it very chunky, I decided that this  should be more appropriately called tomato chowder. I don’t even know if it hat is a real thing, but it is now 😛

Tomato Chowder
Tomato Chowder

We had 5 kilos of shrimp to be prepared for Christmas day and it was going to be peeled. I told mom to clean off the heads and I will make some soup of out of. She went that extra step and removed most of the head, keeping only the suckable parts in the mix. I then made soup following this same recipe. And since I like it chunky, I kept the tomatoes and vegetables whole and it provided a lot more chewing while eating the meal.

The 5 kilos of shrimp
The 5 kilos of shrimp

The great thing was it was really good. Hearty 🙂 But the bad thing was I ended up getting allergies from it that mom decided to get rid of the soup altogether after. To think I was the one who made it. I am not usually allergic to shrimp, and started eating it again days after (we had some leftover from the Christmas lunch) and I was fine. So I really don’t know what happened then.

I ended up taking antihistamines as I was already breaking out in rashes all over my face and had to sleep a lot of Christmas afternoon away. I was a bit spotty, but I was good the next day 🙂


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