Chicken and Pea Soup

So right before Christmas, I realized I wasn’t feeling well because it seemed I gained weight. And upon weighing myself, I did. 😦 I have been gorging on rice for the past few weeks because of my longganisa recipes, and basically because I don’t feel so good that I felt that I needed to eat. Anyway, moving past that. I researched more into eating healthy and decided to stay away from fried foods and eat healthy carbs 🙂 And to date, I have lost 6 pounds! Woohooo 🙂 And that is right through the Christmas holidays! (Now how to achieve the same thing over the New Years :P)

Chicken and pea
Chicken and pea

So instead of opting for fried chicken the other day, I had a chicken thigh set aside and made a very thick pea soup with chicken in it. It seemed better than to fry the whole thing. It was in a good broth, with legumes, which is better for the body. It was just sauteed in some onion and garlic, then dump everything in, and that was it. 🙂

Simply, lighter, and a few more calories saved in that meal 🙂 And now to continue calorie counting. 🙂



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