Pili Roll

There was a time I would gorge on pili. I think I came from a recent trip to Bicol and this is one place that Pili abounds. But I haven’t been back in a while, and I have no friends bringing me home some fresh Pili (though I really love that fresh from its rock hard nut). But when an officemate offered me a simple pili roll, I offered to buy some.

Pili roll
Pili roll

Basically, its a sponge cake filled creamy milky candy filling with chopped nuts in it. The taste is simple and yummy. Not overly sweet. Just right. The packaging is very basic, not even a branding of its own. Just some home cooked good food. And that is usually where tradition starts.

The very basic box
The very basic box

It would be nice to have my own holiday goodie. But I really do get bored with things I make repeatedly. But at least there are some goodies that people would remember me for longer. 🙂 Like my butterscotch 😛


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