Italian Chicken in Tomatoes with Noodles

Thin noodles
Thin noodles

I was googling for Italian recipes (I like the home cooking of Italy), and ran across this recipe. It was just chicken, cooked in broth and tomatoes then topped with noodles. It is also supposed to be a slow-cooker dish, but I had an hour. 😛 So I did rush it instead.

I put the broth, tomatoes, and the chicken in a pot, then added the required herbs of oregano and thyme. I actually used oregano, Italian seasoning, and some herbs de provence (Italian and French) because I was lacking some spices. Cover, allow to boil, then cook for 40 minutes.

I then boiled some noodles, using egg misua, drained, then served this as is with the chicken. The great thing about this was you can eat it with rice and noodles, since the household is so used to eating rice, that people actually do say that they don’t feel full after eating just noodles. 😛

Chicken :)
Chicken 🙂

Italian Chicken in Tomatoes with Noodles Recipe

4 bundles of egg misua, boiled, then set aside

1 chicken, cut into serving pieces
1 big can of tomatoes (I used whole) about 450 grams
same amount of broth as the tomato
(or Italian seasoning)

But all the ingredients on second part of the list together. Let it boil, then lower down to a soft boil until done. Check doneness and taste. Serve with the noodles. Or rice. 🙂


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