“Lucban” Sausage

Technically, a longganisa is a kind of sausage, though made in itty bitty pieces instead of the usual long ones that the sausages are famous for. I decided to make a Lucban Sausage, sans the food coloring, and using a mixture of pork and beef too, to give it a different depth and flavor. I basically used the same ingredients because the garlic and oregano combo seemed to fly well (very well) with me and mom. But instead, I made them into this huge ass ones, then baked them.

Before baking
Before baking

Baking them kinda let off a lot of the fat in the mat. The baking pan was almost overflowing the oil. Next time, I would bake this in a cookie rack with the tray underneath it to catch all the (yummy?) drippings.

After baking, before frying
After baking, before frying

This was then cooled and chilled. Then sliced before frying. Honestly, it was really good and flavorful. And the addition of a kick was really good too. I will attempt the Hungarian sausage next time. But I just realized that I may have to grind it a bit more to get that really fine texture found in commercial sausages.



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