Quick Eats: La Cabrera, 6750 Ayala Ave, Makati

Steak on sizzling plate
Steak on sizzling plate

I love steak. I love the beefy goodness (or porky goodness) in every bite. The tender, and fat-laced medium rare slice. Yum. Drooling just thinking about it. So in the fondness of steak, we decided to try La Cabrera. It is supposedly one of the very famous restaurants in Argentina, and we are lucky to have it here.

Their menu was very straightforward. No chicken, or fish. It was a steak house with pasta, salads, and a cocktail and wine list. A carnivore would be very happy in this place.


We decided to order the rib-eye. The surprising thing was, the server asked us how we wanted our steak. My friend’s preference being medium well, I decided to go for that. The server said that being served on a sizzling plate, the steak might become overdone. So I suggested medium rare, which is my choice always. Surprisingly, she vetoed the idea and suggested medium. I was a bit confused and just let her go with medium. But in my head, I was thinking, well, shouldn’t it be better medium rare?

The cold sides were then brought to our table, presented by the staff. Though the staff knew the basics, she was unable to answer some very easy questions that I expected her to be knowledgeable about. Like what kind of mushrooms was used in the side (it was shitake). There were a lot of sides, but I would just expound and mention those that I tried and liked. 🙂

With bead
With bead

The salad was a normal salad, then there was couscous with parsley (which I like, because I was craving for rice), artichoke with capers, roasted garlic, caramelized garlic and something like polenta. Those ones were the type I would order on my second try there. I also liked the pureed green olives (wished it was black though), and the other mixed vegetables were so-so. 🙂 There was also mashed potato, mashed sweet potato, some mixed veggies, and I don’t know what else. 🙂

The steak itself was big. We ordered one that was around 500g and we were just 2 (and a half – our friend just tried the steak) people eating it. It was meatier, more robust generally, than my favorite steak place – Mamou, which was supposedly a defining factor for Argentinian steak. It was good, but not something I am used. Though this had a strip of fat around it, still the over-all flavor was leaner 🙂 But it was good.

Some of the sides
Some of the sides

The thing was, the sides, though plentiful, were not that great for me. Though I guess it aims to cover a broad spectrum of tastes, hence the very different flavors. Once I stick to my favorites though, I think it will be fine. One comment though, this is more expensive than what we usually pay for in Mamou. But good food nonetheless.

One comment though, I am not sure if it was our seat, or the general service, but they seemed to be understaffed. It takes them a while to see us. Though once they see us, our needs are immediately addressed. But a little handwaving has to be done before they notice. One thing they can improve on.



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