Creamed Corn

Creamed corn is always served in Mamou, and we always end up ordering that too. It sounds simple enough to make, so I did. I bought a can of cream style corn just because it sounds like something you would use to make that. And that is where I think I went wrong!

I was trying to use this recipe, but since with the major changes I did, well, I can only imagine what went wrong. 🙂

Corn :)
Corn 🙂

I did follow the saute some onions part, and it ended with that. I added the whole can and let it thicken, become sweeter. I added a bit of salt, and then sugar too, and let it cook down some more. I then added a spoon or two of cream, then a dash of turmeric, and that’s it!

It’s too sweet for me, and too creamy.  I want my corn chunkier in general. And that’s why I say I went wrong by buying cream style corn 😛


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