Pork Ratatouille

Happy Birthday Mela! I hope you are reading this 🙂

Vegetable goodness
Vegetable goodness

I am seriously not curious over ratatouille, the vegetable dish, even after I have watched the movie about the rat. 🙂 But I did end up making a chicken ratatouille from my Silver Spoon cookbook and ended up loving it. And my thoughts recently are whatever I can make good with chicken, I can do better with pork. This one included.

Cooking all of it down
Cooking all of it down

Easily, I substituted the dish with sliced pork belly. I also used less meat in general simply because I want to eat more vegetables now. And the new thing is, I used zucchini! It has always been in the ingredients, but I don’t use that, or don’t have it in our fridge as a general rule. But we do now 🙂


I ended up liking zucchini 🙂 And the dish was as good as I remember. This is the only way I actually eat eggplant 🙂 It really does remind me of the Filipino pinakbet, almost the same vegetables, but with the huge difference of using salt vs. fish sauce or alamang/bagoong.


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